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Many sun protective fabrics only partially block the sun’s ultraviolet rays and not all fabrics block enough UV radiation to be classified as “sun protection / sun protective”.

Raybeth’s CAKOON UV Sun Protective Clothing and Accessories Products are the ultimate quality alternative - in sun and UV protection products - for travel, golf, fishing, boating, beach activities, tennis, stadium events, gardening or just about any other outdoor activity we can think of...

Raybeth and CAKOON UV Products
CAKOON UV-Sun protection wear - from Raybeth Inc. - incorporates proprietary special silver coatings and UV treatments into its polyester fabric. These special coatings processes are what make Raybeth/CAKOON UV-Material so unique. Click here for more details on CAKOON product specifications.

Raybeth CAKOON UV Products = Sun UV Protection + they’re Water Repellent Too!
The reflective outer surface of CAKOON material provides a more comfortable and we’ve discovered – a “much cooler feeling” shade. CAKOON UV-Products provide the ultimate protection - no matter where, what the weather condition or the time of year.
We promise!


Sun UV Protection Products is proud to support the 1.5 million Americans with Lupus and joins with the many LUPUS Organizations within the United States and Canada in a Joint Cause-Marketing effort. To visit the Lupus website:Click Here

ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) has established the gold standard for ultraviolet testing and has certified CAKOON UV-Material for their highest rating of UPF 50+. CAKOON UV-Products are licensed to carry the ARPANSA trademark and can be found in their “Resource Guide for UV Protective Products”. For more information about ARPANSA:
click here.

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